Increasing Profitability

through proven dealer processes.


Why We Exist

For decades, the dealer services industry has offered its clients a one size fits all approach, often ignoring their dealers’ specific values, goals, and market challenges.

What We do

Tactical was founded to specifically address these vital concerns by embracing a founder’s mentality at every level of opportunity. Through strategic partnerships with our clients, we tailor a process to reflect each dealer’s value system and strive to exceed their stringent benchmarks.

Our Mission

Our confidence is in our mission –

to redefine the dealer services industry.

Our Services

Finance & Insurance

Discover a new level of finance and insurance with our comprehensive and adaptable F&I solutions, through Dealer Participation Models, Reinsurance & more!

Dealership Training

Boost your team’s skills and accelerate their careers with our comprehensive dealership training programs, including recruiting and service drive training.


Our tailored solutions and industry insights drive growth, increase profitability, and ensure long-term success.


Our Partnership With
EFG Companies

Partnering with EFG Companies provides your dealership with innovative F&I solutions, expert training, and comprehensive support to drive growth and enhance profitability.

F&I Policies

We offer a range of F&I policies through EFG – from Motorist Assistance Plan, EV Protection, Maintenance Value Plans and more. Learn more at EFG. 


What separates Tactical Automotive Group is our people that drive sustainable processes and underwriting profits. Our training and product matching comes from people that have sat at the F&I desk. Our team has driven success for dealerships, being recognized at a local and national level and we’re ready to support your F&I needs.

Dan Boyd

Chief Executive Officer

Dan’s deep understanding of the automotive industry and F&I provides him with a unique perspective on efficient business operations and how to leverage F&I products to grow revenue. Dan’s been trusted to deliver F&I revenue growth at some of the largest dealer groups in the US. 

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